extra ocular vision

Extra Ocular Vision (EOV) is the name given to a Nuevo-ancient training centered on teaching children how to expand their intuition and develop their pre-conscious mind. It is a form of brain/mind development using imagery, perception and blind folding.

The EOV teachings were developed by Noé Esperón and has been successfully taught for more than three decades in Mexico, where it is often referred to as brain development training, awakening dormant skills and abilities as well as accelerating the evolution process of human beings. It was only in 2011 that EOV was introduced to the rest of the world.

Proven results from this brain/mind development program include: improved academic performance, increased learning ability, improved memory and concentration/increased attention span, increased self-esteem and will power, and maturation.

The EOV program consists of ten sessions that activates expanding a child’s consciousness. The training encourages them to let go of painful and limiting beliefs, awakens their intuition, and activates their extraordinary vision. Ideally this program is for children between the ages of six and twelve who know their colors, shapes and can read. The learning process is a minimum of 10 sessions with results normally seen in the first few sessions. However, it may take a little longer if a child has low confidence and self esteem or deep seated traumas.

There has also been success in teaching older children and adults, although it typically takes longer.

EOV sessions are experiential. The Psychodynamic component of an EOV session uses a different image each week, with each image representing a foundational aspect of the psyche. Children practice increasingly more complex material over the course of the 10 sessions and are given opportunities to draw, put together jigsaw puzzles, play games, and read all while completely blindfolded! When the child begins to “see” the child’s consciousness takes a quantum leap in expansion.

This program has a profound effect on the child, but also on the whole family. The more that families are involved in this work and are touched by its positive effect, the greater impact it has on themselves and the community.

To learn more about this new revolutionary program or to schedule ten EOV sessions on Maui, please contact Darlene Kupstas Waddell: Certified VXM Extra Ocular Vision Instructor 808-351-4134 or email dwaddells@hotmail.com.

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