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Time is precious moms.  We all know that lengthy workouts or getting to the gym aren’t always realistic, but splitting up exercise activities into shorter intervals and including your child can help make exercises for moms more realistic. It has many benefits and can be a fun, bonding time for you and your little one.

Your child can be a great workout partner! You can combine a few exercises in a day and then come back later to finish or for another set. It gives you few minutes here and there to burn some calories, connect with your child, and even begin to teach them words, numbers, and letters.

The following activity is a great way to work out some silly energy. Jump or bounce with your child to get your heart rate up and help you eventually calm down. This is a great one for daddies and aunties too. Variations below are given for babies, toddlers, and/or preschoolers. Sing whatever variation of the song you know or remember. As with all exercise programs please consult with your doctor.

One, Two… Buckle my shoe – Baby Burpees

One, two, (jumping)

Buckle my shoe (touch toes)

Three, four (jumping)

Touch the floor (touch toes)

Five, Six (jumping)

Pick up sticks (touch toes)

Seven, eight (jumping)

Lay ‘em straight (touch toes)

Nine, ten (jumping)

Do it again! (touch toes)


Child and Parent Variations:

Baby Variation – Bounce baby on knee or with your arms.

Preschooler Variation – Have child do their own jumping jacks.

Challenge – Add burpees when touching toes (bend knees to touch ground, jump feet back to a plank position and jump feet back to hands, jump up).

Gentler Option – bend knees and pretend to bounce without leaving the ground, touch knees instead of toes.

Have fun and remember to drink water before, during and after exercising!


Image Credit: Little Love Photography

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