mom work outs

Haven’t worked out in a while? Grab your babe and your stroller… no more excuses!!!

The following stroller exercises can be done in your yard, at the park or beach. Of course, check with your doctor before starting any workout regimen. Bring water, make sure your stroller is stable and listen to your body.

Start with a warm up: Push your stroller around the park or up a small hill for at least three to five minutes. Stretch and prepare your muscles, get your heart beating to circulate oxygen-rich blood to your muscles! Keep your wrists aligned, chest up proud, tummy tight, shoulders back and down.

Stroller Squats – Lower body: With feet shoulder distance apart and tummy in tight; the weight of your body should be in your heels as you sit your bottom backward and down low. Ensure that your knees don’t go over your toes and that your upper body is tilted forward only slightly.

Challenge: do this exercise behind your stroller, rolling it away from you as you squat and in as you stand up, working your back. If you’d prefer, stand in front of your babe as you sing.

Between exercises: power walk with chest strong and proud. Try intervals of thirty seconds at a quick pace with thirty seconds at a slower pace, never exceeding the ability to sing to your baby. Try to walk about three to five minutes between exercises.

Stroller Chest Press – Chest: On a small incline, with legs hip width apart, push stroller up hill using one arm, focusing and mindful of pushing from your chest muscles.

Stroller Side Pulls – Core: Standing with your right side close to your stroller, feet hip distance apart, toes facing out. Use your right hand to push your stroller out, while reaching overhead with your left arm. Focus on and use your left side to pull the stroller back in.

Lunge Walking – Quadriceps, hamstrings & gluteus maximus!: Take a long stride with your right leg, pushing your stroller. Your right thigh should be almost parallel to the ground, knee stacked above your ankle, upper body strong and proud. The left leg should be low as well and both should engage as you push your body upward, tummy in tight, chest up. Challenge: once upright, bring back leg up and out to side for hip abduction.

Baby Bridges – Core & back: Lie on your back with your feet planted on ground, knees in the air. Engage your pelvic tilt by lifting the bottom of your tailbone toward your belly button and flattening the natural arch of your back into the ground. Slowly bring each vertebra off of the ground to make a bridge with your feet and upper body. Release slowly, lowering each vertebra to the ground.

Cool down: is as important as your warm up! (You want to be able to move tomorrow). On your back, hug your knees in, roll around a bit. Sit up, stretch toward each leg and between legs. Slowly stand using each vertebrae. Circle arms and head. Pat yourself on the back, you are a great example for your keiki.


Image Credit: Kelley McCarthy Cerny

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Cailin Goodier is a Licensed Clinician who has worked with mothers and families for over ten years. A graduate of UH Manoa's School of Social Work, she has worked for Imua Family Services and lead Stroller Strides Maui


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