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It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since the inauguration of The Mauimama and we are happy to have been a part of this journey from the start. This final article concludes our monthly contribution in the Relationship segment of this wonderful publication. Although our primary attention is focused on private Relationship Retreats, we will continue to be available to the Maui Community.

With this final article we complete the Nine Essentials of the Human Relationship Kinesis™Program. Through the ninth and last Essential Radiating Wholeness we come full circle, completing a cycle that leads us to our original connection with our Self and Source. Radiating Wholeness is the state of being complete within. Completion means to find closure with something that was unfinished. What most people don’t know is, that completion is a choice, it is personal declaration. Whatever has been causing us discomfort, we are able to declare it complete whenever we want to. The best part: we do not need the other person to do or say anything in order to allow completion. It is an inside job. All it takes is our willingness to be complete with it. Easy breezy.

People who are mastering the process of completion reach the state of needing absolutely nothing from anyone. They are tapped into their own resources and don’t look outside of themselves for rescue. Their sense of freedom and self-sufficiency radiates so attractively, that it is comfortable and safe to be around them. We naturally gravitate towards those who share themselves without an agenda. People who are whole and complete look at what they can bring to a relationship, rather than focusing on what they get out of it.

Little joy is gleaned from being in the presence of a person that is, “needy”. Desperate partners confuse the feeling of being loved with requiring someone to satisfy their needs, i.e. “If you really loved me, you would…” They often use subtle manipulations to demand attention, affection or reassurance. A needy person’s love is always conditional, meaning it is based on certain criteria that needs to be fulfilled, which makes it quite exhausting to love them. Without recognizing their wholeness, these insatiable individuals continue to overlook their own inner resources and resort to symbiotic relationships with a partner who, “fills their void”.

By learning the principles of Radiating Wholeness, a person reinvents their, “relationship-game” and defines the rules that make the union a success. Replete with inner harmony and acceptance, they share themselves without expectations of reciprocity. When two complete partners meet, they give birth to a bond that provides mutual growth, unlimited possibilities and joyful pleasures in the most blissful and fulfilling love. By unleashing our human potential as self-actualized beings they re-discover their innate wholeness. When our essential nature is displayed it becomes a reflection of the ever-evolving interconnection of life, with beauty and perfection all around us.

Thank you for allowing us to share our thoughts.
Ananda – RayBella

Image Credit: Gaia Photography

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RayBella are Raymond Slayton and Gabriella Molin, a spirited couple residing on Maui. They elude any specific definition as their projects are ever changing, like the present moment. As Coaches: For the past decade, Ray and Bella have been supporting individuals and couples in their personal development. On Maui they are leading private retreats. Their professional training includes certifications in various modalities of coaching, leadership, and management, as well as metaphysics, BioEnergetics, EpiGenetics, and diverse spiritual awareness practices. Their expertise includes: Conflict resolution, Communication skills, Leadership training, Project design and management, Trauma-related issues such as PTSD, Residues of childhood conditioning, Relationship/Divorce/Grief coaching, Health/Nutrition/Well-being consulting. COACHING: www.ThePonoWay.com email:info@ThePonoWay.com RETREATS: www.PonoRetreats.com email:info@PonoRetreats.com As Artists: Ray and Bella create PONOSCAPES, a unique form of Energy Art. Each piece of art is intentionally designed to enhance the ecology of the space in which it resides. It naturally elevates the vibrational state of the observer.


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