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Motherhood changes everything. When women become mothers they willingly relinquish their personal desires and focus solely on the immediate needs of their child. The baby takes precedence and a 24/7 guardianship replaces mommy’s desire to explore her individual talents and passions. What defined them “pre-motherhood” now pales in the face of mommy-duties. While accepting the role as a caregiver is a very natural process, most mothers tend to forget about themselves. When kids become the center of their universe and parenting supersedes everything else, moms often loose sight of expressing their individuality.

The fifth Essential “Full Self-Expression” is a celebration of our unique personality and character. You express yourselves in the way you communicate your thoughts and feelings, through your individual behavior and with your creative personal style. Exploring your unique gifts goes beyond picking up a paintbrush, rocking on a guitar or learning a foreign language. Achieving what we call “Full Self-Expression” is to be liberated from the fear of being criticized, unloved or even rejected. It entails maintaining the connection within yourself, staying true to who you are and resisting to play it safe and certain, no matter what others think or say.

While expressing our Self is essential for every individual, we believe that it is also a vital element for relationships. Many romantic unions suffer when one partner gets wrapped up in the other person and fails to express his or her individuality. Sometimes the tactic of “playing small” is used to make another person feel more comfortable. We see many powerful women who hold back, out of fear that their man would be intimidated if they would show up in all their “glory”. We agree with Marianne Williamson’s statement: “…there’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you”.

“Full Self-Expression” is the subtle balance between sharing your brilliance while maintaining an attitude of humility. Once we are liberated from the fear of being judged, our greatness radiates and inspires others. Parents who are fearlessly passionate about expressing their individuality teach their children a valuable lesson. It has been our experience that when a child discovers their own uniqueness, they learn to respect the uniqueness of others.

Just food for thought, Ananda – Blissfully Yours, RayBella

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RayBella are Raymond Slayton and Gabriella Molin, a spirited couple residing on Maui. They elude any specific definition as their projects are ever changing, like the present moment. As Coaches: For the past decade, Ray and Bella have been supporting individuals and couples in their personal development. On Maui they are leading private retreats. Their professional training includes certifications in various modalities of coaching, leadership, and management, as well as metaphysics, BioEnergetics, EpiGenetics, and diverse spiritual awareness practices. Their expertise includes: Conflict resolution, Communication skills, Leadership training, Project design and management, Trauma-related issues such as PTSD, Residues of childhood conditioning, Relationship/Divorce/Grief coaching, Health/Nutrition/Well-being consulting. COACHING: RETREATS: As Artists: Ray and Bella create PONOSCAPES, a unique form of Energy Art. Each piece of art is intentionally designed to enhance the ecology of the space in which it resides. It naturally elevates the vibrational state of the observer.


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