Embracing Authenticity know yourself

How often have you heard: “Just be yourself”, when you asked someone for advise? Easier said than done, right? And would you tell your child “Just be yourself” when he or she comes to you for reassurance? What does that actually mean to “Just be yourself”? How can you be yourself in a world where most people have issues with self-acceptance and feel that they are “not enough”?

The third Essential “Embracing Authenticity: Knowing Yourself” invites you to discover your true authentic nature. This exploration of your individuality and uniqueness presents a fascinating panorama of all aspects of your being. Most of us have a preconceived idea of how we want to be seen by our beloved ones. This image of our Self is mostly complimentary, displaying the best of our core-values, ethics and morals. We hope that the “non-favorable attributes” of our personality stay successfully hidden and weaknesses and imperfections remain guarded. What is presented is very often the “sanitized” version of who we are. With an inferiority mindset we fall into the “gilded lily trap”: The “fear of not being good enough” tempts us to offer an enhanced version of ourselves.

Despite all these efforts, a surprising number of people are clueless to the REAL value, qualities and “assets” that they bring into a relationship. On the opposite end of the spectrum are those, who blame others for what is missing in them. Empirically, people who are unwilling to acknowledge their own liabilities and limitations seldom are willing to tolerate imperfections in others. Knowing yourself authentically allows you to identify your least flattering features without judgment or fear. Only by learning to see, acknowledge and embrace the full spectrum of our multifaceted being, are we able to love authentically: ourselves and others, which makes sharing YOUR love a whole different ball game.

Can you imagine how powerful it feels for children to hear that they “are enough” and that they do not have to be more than they are already being? By acknowledging your child’s unique essence you encourage them to develop their authentic selves. When parents are able to model self-acceptance, self-respect and self-care they teach their children what it truly means to “be yourself”.

Just food for thought, Ananda – Blissfully Yours, RayBella

Image Credit: Gaia Photography

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