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Over the past several years of mapping out my own entrepreneur journey and having countless discussions with business owners, I’ve learned that the art of simplifying your business thinking process is essential in creating success. We often overcomplicate processes and systems that are necessary to reach what seems to be fairly easy tasks, by overthinking and under-doing. It’s already tough staying engaged and enchanted when starting a business, without seeing returns straight away. What we may not realize is the uncertainty that exists in a business owner can break their entire belief system. Add on a layer of resentment, which can build up over time from having to do/run the rest of the business instead of just “what you love” and business can suffer.

However, we can uncomplicate the process and gain clarity by doing these simple exercises when we feel stuck:

Intention: Always know what you want out of it. All too often we have an idea and spend a lot of time working on it. The ideas are rapid and plentiful as you share and discuss with your peers and friends. Be sure to stop along the way and reflect on why you wanted to start in the first place. If you’re not contributing to that end result, stop and reshuffle priorities.

Strive to Thrive: Lead with a lens of abundance. Feast or famine is not an uncommon mentality for small business owners. This mind set creates uncertainty and lacks the stability needed to feel accomplished in your business. Ensure your rates are set to cover your overhead, funding to grow and that you’re paying yourself.

Growth Opportunities: Where and who can you grow with? Lean on your existing reach, industry connections and affiliates. Collaboration prevents you from reinventing the wheel while your existing reach can become lead generators for multiple services/products that you offer.

Know your Role: Geek out on your industry, do your research. Part of excelling is knowing your business environment and how you can fulfill a need or demand. Learn about others doing the same thing, their strengths and weaknesses, and understand who your client base is, so you know how to attract your target audience.

Outsource: Avoid burnout – you don’t have to do it all yourself. Find assistance with the areas you enjoy least, so you can have more creativity and energy for the business aspects you love.

Live Aloha: Here we allow our na’au (gut) to navigate business. When emotional intelligence, common sense and respect rank next to experience, expertise and capability, we can rely on our greatest lead generator. Word of mouth. Therefore living right, doing right and focusing on reciprocity should simply be front of mind.

Ultimately the goal, for myself and my clients, is to minimize sweat equity and maximize return on investment. By identifying needs and responding with revenue generating sales & marketing strategies I have carved out a business model that allows me to succeed while helping my girlfriends build and grow successful businesses too!

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