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I Ola Ke Kino, I Ho’oi Kai Ka Ke Kino
Let the body enjoy health! Stay active and exercise!

I’ve always liked the translation of these beautiful Hawaiian words, to me, they are strong and truthful words; the first verse tells us that good health is our birthright, and as if pleading in all earnestness and sincerity, begs us to just ‘let’ the body enjoy this. The second verse gives us an excellent recommendation on how to do this, with simple exercise; we reap the benefits of good health.

A pregnant mother is constantly giving of her life force energy to growing another life inside of her, so it is very important to stay replenished and keep strong. As mothers, we need to desire and expect quality holistic care for ourselves. In addition to a program of prenatal health care we should remember to include a program of fitness as well.

The Benefits of Pilates
Pilates exercise is perfectly suited for the pregnant mom and her fitness program because it works the muscles without loading the joints and can be modified so the movements are appropriate for whatever is going on with her body. Pre-Postnatal Pilates is safe and effective, it incorporates the mindset of fl ow, stability, and gentle stretching that will help the mom not only with her pregnancy and her delivery but will also be an aid to restore strength, vitality, muscle tone, mental clarity and an overall sense of well being after the birth of the baby.

The Pilates Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
Pilates is a wonderful choice of exercise during your pregnancy on a spiritual level too, when the exercises are done correctly it’s because you are beginning to deeply connect the mind with the body. It is these deep connections that have so much value, “Pilates is a unique, refreshing approach that sees our physical activity as a way to keep building on the oneness that we have with ourselves, our baby, and create harmony with our body, mind and spirit”-Jennifer Kris, Pilates Master Teacher.

Every movement in Pilates emanates from the center, which is also our emotional core; the exercises help us to center and have body awareness. This is an amazing thing to harness when you have a growing baby inside of you. Pilates also uses the breath and its rhythm to calm down and listen to what the body and growing baby needs. As we move, we are learning the practical art of being in control of our own bodies, we become strong and more self-sufficient. And that is really empowering, for a mom in all phases of her pregnancy, and sets her in good stead for the act of birth and her postnatal healing.

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