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An unmedicated home birth is what I wanted. I believe it’s what my soul needed after conceiving via IVF and having been loaded with medications and injections to conceive her. I wasn’t able to conceive naturally, but I was going to give birth in the most natural way, at my home, in my own bed, with my midwife.

At 41 weeks I chose to be induced at home. I was more than ready for her arrival. It all started Tuesday, November 27th in the morning. My midwife inserted a Foley Bulb to dilate me to 5 cm, which we would leave in for 12 hours or until it fell out. Later that evening a cervix check determined that I had dilated and the bulb had fallen out. We promptly attached the breast pump to stimulate contractions. The contractions started but weren’t progressing so we decided to call it a night and pick it up in the morning.

The next morning my husband and I awoke to a full house; my midwife and her assistants and joined shortly by my birth photographer. I was made a breakfast of scrambled eggs and I divulged on homemade Swiss Zopf bread with Nutella.

We dove right back in to progressing the labor. My cervix was checked again. I was still dilated to 4 cm. My midwife gave my waters a little poke, they broke and back on the breast pump I went. I spent the entire day swaying, rocking, and bouncing on the yoga ball in between nipple stimulation. The shower provided me some temporary relief. At one point I remember looking out of the shower window, thinking of being in the hospital and how it would feel like a spa day with medications compared to the pain I was going through. My midwife explained to me what a transfer would be like, bringing me back to my original intentions. I didn’t think about the hospital again.

My midwife suggested that we could incentivize my contractions more by giving me a few doses of Castor oil.

My contractions came on strong. They were so intense I begged to labor a while in the birth tub. I was desperate for any sort of relief. I was able to spend 30 minutes in the warm water without halting labor and then was out again, wrapped in my bath robe.

I spent that evening lying in bed with my midwife while she massaged my body and danced with me through the painful contractions. For most of my labor I felt afraid and victimized by my contractions. It wasn’t until I was dancing through one with my midwife that I realized that these were MY contractions and they were helping my baby come out. I was then able to breathe through them more easily and own the pain instead of fighting it. I believe this helped progress my labor.

On the morning of November 29th, the intensity of my labor had increased and by mid-day I had finally transitioned! The sweetest words to my ears had been spoken, “You can push now!”

Finally we were at the end as we made our way downstairs where the birth bed was ready and waiting. I indulged on ice cubes and bits of fruits in between pushes, I needed all the energy I could get while pushing. I pushed for several hours. Ellee had switched positions making her exit a lot more challenging, but after laboring on the birth chair, in the birth tub, on my hands and knees, and my preferred position on my back, she finally made her way into the world at 6:52pm.

Ellee was a healthy 8 lbs, 21.5 inches, with the head of a 10lb baby. I was in love.

Image Credit: Benedicte Lechrist

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Emilee Kern has been a Hawai'i resident for the last 7 years. After meeting her husband on Maui, she has traveled to and lived a short time in Europe and his recent military career takes her back and forth from Colorado. No matter where she travels, she calls Maui her home. Emilee is a certified Wellness Coach, Yoga Instructor, Foundation Training Instructor, Angel Card reader, and considers herself an advocate for personal empowerment. Currently she is focusing herself on her baby daughter, Ellee Moon. After years of infertility, Emilee conceived baby Ellee via IVF in the state of Colorado but spent her pregnancy and gave birth here on Maui. Her biggest dream has finally come true.


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