It’s a little strange for me to say I actually ‘wanted’ a C-Section. Of course that was before I realized how long the typical recuperation time is and how serious of an ‘operation’ it is (not to mention the implications it can have on the baby). Once I got the stats on that I started to consider other options. But let me backup a second… the reason I wanted a C-Section in the first place was simple, I was scared to death of childbirth because everything I knew came from TV or tidbits from the women in my family that usually involved the words episiotomy, screaming, and pain.

So once I decided to consider other options I made it my hobby, or rather a part time job, to research my choices here on Maui and then expanded to include Oahu. So I did my due diligence and toured each and every hospital on both islands. Then I interviewed a variety of doctors and nurses from multiple facilities. In the end I finally decided I simply wasn’t going to give birth. Of course being 6 months pregnant complicated this a bit.

Then I found a yoga class in Haiku at The Studio taught by Kadi Mourningstar. Her class completely changed my attitude, and my wishes for my own birth. Kadi had more birth stories to tell than one could imagine, she drew from countless experiences to bring the important information up for discussion and elaboration. Her class was more of a ‘mental preparation’ for me (along with many others) than a typical prenatal yoga class. After a few weeks I was convinced I could do this birth thing and furthermore I knew I wanted it to be at home. Now homebirth isn’t for everyone and I’m totally down with that. I just felt that it was right for me at this place in time.

The wonderful thing I realized after doing so much research is that our island is full of talented professionals who can help each of us have the birth we want. I found great birthing classes that range from mainstream to hypno-birthing. I met some of my best friends at these classes and at the prenatal yoga class. Massage got me through my last trimester and as luck would have it there are quite a few talented Massage Therapists who specialize in prenatal and the best part was my insurance covered some of it. (Apparently, many insurance companies cover acupuncture and massage, who would’ve known?).

So on the day of my daughters birth I stayed at home and with the help from a great birthing team brought my baby into this world. I used every bit of knowledge and confidence I gained in Kadi’s class to give birth to a 9lb baby girl after 24hrs of labor. Yeah, that 24hr part kinda sucked, but hey… we were all healthy and it might’ve gone very different had I been at the hospital. So in the end, I guess I just wanna say… You Can Do It Girls! There are so many options to create the birth you want. Take advantage of the talented community we have here on Maui to make your pregnancy and birth the way you want it!

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