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There’s a new technology on island that has significant results with people who haven’t responded well to psychotherapy, recovery groups or inpatient/outpatient facilities. The technology uses a method that doesn’t rely on talking and developing insight, but actually changes the ‘hard drive’ and wiring of your brain so that you can think and feel better. Clients are always encouraged to continue counseling and recovery groups. Great candidates for this treatment have deep psychological wounds (trauma from the past or childhood), those wanting to optimize their brain for creativity purposes, and those seeking treatment because they realize they have developed stress-set minds, addictive processes and excessive worrying (anxiety).

While Maui Memorial uses an EEG (electroencephalogram) machine to gain a read on patients who come in with head trauma, seizures or possible brain damage, Maui Family Counseling & Neurofeedback is the first clinical setting on island to use the same technology to retrain brain waves, balancing the brain to its most optimal functioning. The Chicago Tribune (2012) hails the benefits of the Brain Paint® system to be, “like meditation on steroids.”

I first used EEG Biofeedback (neurofeedback) on myself during training, with tremendous results after the first session and days later. Increased feelings of calmness, a sense of wellbeing, and much more laughter were obvious improvements for me. Improvements that stay long after treatment stops, after a certain number of sessions.

What is Neurofeedback?  Brain Paint® was developed in UCLA’s neuroscience research lab spearheaded by Bill Scott, PhD. It has been is use for nearly a decade, all around the world, including ‘Promises Rehab Centers’. Not one incident of seizures, migraines or other problems have been reported. Neurofeedback is essentially brainwave training that teaches the brain to work at its fullest capacity. Like riding a bike that has become off-balance, we compensate by moving in the opposite direction, and the brain is thought to get “stuck” in patterns that are off-kilter. When people are off-balance in the hemispheres of their brain, one side will over-compensate for the other, leading to all kinds of issues.

Can it work for me or my child? Neurofeedback is a holistic approach to addiction, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, mania, social phobias, and other brain-related disorders.  Brain Paint® has been used in meta-analysis studies using 13,460 participants, which found the best results with nightmares/terrors and addiction. Multiple problem areas were significantly improved, though certain issues can be more challenging, for example, personality disorders. We have the best results with addiction of any known treatment. Addiction is one of the three leading causes of death in the US, shortening a person’s life by approximately 22.5 years, making it an extremely terminal disease. In all the facilities and offices that use Brain Paint® as their primary system for addiction, there is an over 80% rate of abstinence at the one-year follow up, and not one report of addiction-related death has occurred after receiving 12 sessions of Brain Paint® treatment. That is an astounding finding for the addiction community and related professionals!

What can I expect? In your initial session, we will gather information on what growth areas you would like to see, then follow a 90+ questionnaire to thoroughly gauge the protocols that would best work for you. The machine will look at your answers and how they coalesce, giving us an accurate read on how the brain is functioning and what brainwaves to train, for a specific number of minutes. You’ll be hooked up to three or four electrodes, usually on the ears and back or sides of the head. For certain trainings your eyes will be closed and you’ll lay back in our recliner listening to calming music. For other trainings, you’ll be watching a light show and will be prompted to click the mouse when you see a certain color. The process is painless, easy, and fosters incredible results! Feel free to contact me with any questions if you think EEG Biofeeedback could help you or your family.

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Stephanie Garcia, Owner of Maui Family Counseling works in private practice providing counseling and working as an independent special education consultant and advocate. Trained in marriage and family therapy, and practicing under a licensed MFT, Stephanie offers FREE support groups to the community for new moms and dads, struggling teens, and adults struggling with mental health issues. Maui Family Counseling is now using Neurofeedback to safely and effectively help treat ADHD and related symptoms. Call today at 808 250-1305 for a free consultation! Connect with us on or


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