I know, I know, TEN YEARS! Can that be right?! For those of you who just had babies when the first issue came out – your little ones are approaching, if not already in middle school! I have no idea where the time has gone, although parenting is a great time suck, especially in the beginning, so I guess it went there. Don’t get me wrong though, there is nothing better I’d rather do with my time than give my boys my all. 

Speaking of giving it my all, The Mauimama has pretty much been a one-woman team, although it could not have reached this milestone without the support of the community sponsors, contributors who share their wealth of knowledge, Willy from The Maui News Prepress, the readers that pick it up, and of course my family. It is my pleasure to put this together and I know that I am a better person, parent, and community contributor for it.

The power of the pen is mighty and a community that comes together thrives. We have an amazing community in Maui County, with mothers at the heart of it. We have faced so many challenges this last year or so with the pandemic, as well as two other major crises – climate change and lack of affordable housing. 

And, on top of it all, we have had to keep it together as our behavior and reactions can totally be mirrored by our kids (see pages 4 and 5).

There have been losses these past few months too. We said goodbye to Haunani-Kay Trask, a formidable and inspiring Hawaiian leader (see page 6). We need more women like her to pick up the leadership mantle to help steer our islands towards a sustainable future (see page 7), with less reliance on fossil fuel and mass consumerism (see page 24), and if we are going to keep relying on tourism dollars, that part of this money can get funneled to help relieve the affordable housing crisis (see page 29). We also need to prioritize long-term residents for our affordable housing projects (see page 29) and focus more on food sovereignty (see page 10), as well as keep supporting and lifting up small businesses (see pages 27 and 30).

Sarah Madsen (see page 9) posted the other day, “Family is everything, this is where the true transformation begins. Make changes within yourself and the ripple effect is generational.” I totally agree. The more we can be present (see page 8) and empowered (see page 18) the better our community will be for generations to come.

Image Credit: The Mauimama

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