Easiest Birthing Positions

Easiest Birthing PositionsDear Aunty Tina, I’m four months pregnant and am already thinking about my labor. What are the easiest birthing positions for me to give birth in?

Squatting and being on your hands and knees are two positions that are most opted for in the natural world. Gravity helps and these positions allow your body to fully open up, especially if your back is curved in a c-shape when on all fours. I also see that lying on your left side is a good way to open up your back as well as easing the baby’s heart rate and oxygen supply. Lying on your back to push can occlude the vena cava (the main oxygen supply to baby and mama) and also ergonomically doesn’t allow the body to open up as much as it is able to.

Talk to your doctor or midwife ahead of time to get the understanding that you will be able to access your own instincts and personal timing. Birthing support is great but you don’t necessarily want a cheering committee telling you what to do or what positions they want you in if you are able to access your own intuition. All births are different and call for different things, but, more important than position is breathing. While pushing in whatever position you choose or are in, instead of holding your breath and pushing down, think exhaling and guiding

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