Eupatorium perfoliatum

Continuing in our series of ABCs of homeopathy for mothers and children, we have arrived at E for Euphatorium perfoliatum (Eup-p.).

A plant remedy made from the hemp agrimony family, belonging to the compositae family, also known as agueweed and boneset, this remedy was traditionally used herbally for digestion, cystitis, sore throats and ‘breakbone’ fever (this is a type of flu whereby the bones feel as if they are breaking). The North American Indians favored this plant for their medicinal uses.  Growing up to four feet tall, this perennial plant is found in the eastern States of America and Europe in damp pastures and wetlands. The fresh herb, when first in bloom, is used to prepare this homeopathic remedy.

Euphatorium is named after King Mithridates Euphator who was King of Pontus (124-64 BC). He is said to have discovered an antidote to poisoning among the species of this particular genus.

Euphatorium perfoliatium is one of my personal favorite remedies as it has the capacity to instantly ease the first aches and pains of flu symptoms, which can be so unbearable. I have experienced this remedy working within ten minutes of taking the remedy, with bone aches, chills, fever and nausea from the flu being significantly eased.

The aching of the bones is as if the bones would break and this symptom is a keynote for this remedy. There may be a chill at 7-9am with this intense aching of the bones before the chills. As soon as one starts to feel this aching in the bones Euphatorium perfoliatum in 30c potency can be taken every fifteen minutes for one hour with great results. This is a definite must for all home healthcare kits.

Flu symptoms where Eupatorium may be indicated, include eyeballs aching with red eyelids and pains in the bones of the arms, legs, lower back and hips (with the bones feeling as if they are broken). The skin is sore and feels dry all over the body, with shivering chills in the back. The patient feels better for sweating.

In the nasal area of the body, the symptoms are catarrh and sneezing. There is a lot of sneezing with a bursting headache, which worsens with movement. The patient will want to lay still and be wrapped up warmly. Sometimes the pains in the bones are so severe that the patient needs to move, appearing to be very restless. With this fever the patient is sleepy and falls asleep all the time. Homeopath Dr. Clarke notes, “the patient cannot lay in bed on account of feeling as if every bone was bruised, causing despair, moaning and crying out”. Clarke adds mental symptoms, “Feels at night as if going out of his mind”, this is due to the aching and soreness, resulting in restlessness.

In the chest area of the body we can see a hacking hoarse cough, with a sore aching chest, which is also dry and gets worse with movement. There may also be a raw, painful cough.

Eupatorium has also been proven to be very useful in gastric flu where there is fever with nausea and retching with vomiting of bile and food. The patient is very thirsty especially for cold drinks before vomiting, feeling better after the chills and during fever.

This remedy can be purchased at a health food store like Mana Foods or Hawaiian Moons. 30c potency is recommended, taken every 15 minutes for the first hour then three times a day, until symptoms are gone.

Please contact your homeopath or doctor if the symptoms persist. Homeopathy is not intended to replace medical care.

I received some great feedback from mothers using our last remedy we covered, Drosera, with reports of this remedy taking away that hacking cough that seemed to linger on our island, especially in our keiki. I am so happy to hear this sharing of homeopathic remedies is helping everyone to feel well. I encourage you to save these homeopathy articles from Mauimama magazine so you will have the A-Z of homeopathy when we have finished. When you collect each remedy as we go along, you can also build a great homeopathy home healthcare kit.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Aloha, Maria.

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Maria Knauer,CH.LMT.CHTP.DAS.BEO, is a graduate of the American Medical College of Homeopathy. Maria has over 20 years experience in the use if homeopathy and holistic healthcare. To contact Maria call 808-250-8560 or email


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