Driveway Delivery

It was 2 days before my due date and I woke up in the middle of the night with slight contractions. I got up because I was so excited and started to read birth stories online. The contractions were pretty painful, but I still ate a snack and got ready for the hospital. They got worse and worse, but were only 15 minutes apart, so I thought I still had a long way to go. Trek was my 3rd baby, but the first time I wanted to try an un-medicated birth. I had epidurals with my first 2 sons and even though the deliveries went great, I really wanted to try it natural.

After 3 hours of contractions, I started to have to lay on the ground to get through each one. I did not wake up my husband because they never got closer; they were still 15 minutes apart. Finally at 5am I woke him up and told him we should leave for the hospital, and head to Kahului soon. We lived in Lahaina, so while I wanted to labor at home as long as possible, I also did not want to have the baby at home or while driving in the car.

Well, Trek had other plans! I crawled into bed with my 3 and 5 year old sons at 5am; about 4 hours after my labor had started. I snuggled them while Jarrett showered. I lay there for 20 minutes with no contractions. I thought this must be a false alarm and I was so disappointed.

Then a contraction started to build. I rolled out of bed onto the floor, so I would not wake up the boys. The contraction started wide and got deeper until I was letting out deep birthing cries and pushing my baby out. I could not control it at all! While it hurt, it was also amazing. It was so freeing to be completely out of control of my body and have the baby working his way out.

The boys woke up and started jumping on the bed. I had shown them birthing videos to prepare them, so they were fully aware what was going on and were so excited! My husband ran in and started to drag me towards the car. I made it to the bottom of our lanai when I fell to all fours and started uncontrollable screaming and pushing the baby out. Oh my, it was so unbelievable and I was so happy, even though it really hurt and I knew I was waking up the entire neighborhood!

I had planned a homebirth, but I developed high blood pressure, so I had to turn my care from a midwife over to a doctor. In that moment I knew I would get my homebirth! Jarrett knelt down behind me and pulled down my shorts and saw Trek’s head sticking out! It hurt and burned as I pushed his head out, but it only lasted for a moment. I then felt another urge to push and felt every part of him as he flew out of me. Jarrett caught him and handed him to me. He was so perfect, Trek Atlas Ingram. It was the most amazing moment of my life.

Image Credit: Chelsea Ingram

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Chelsea Ingram and her family lived on Maui from 2008-2012. Trek was born on April 11, 2011 in their driveway in Lahaina, Hawaii. In January 2012, Trek was suddenly diagnosed with a rare disease with no cure or treatment. Chelsea and her husband decided to take Trek to see the world. Trek got 4 stamps on his passport before he died on June 21, 2012 in Thailand. He was 14 months old. You can read more about Trek and his family at