Mamas gone wild

Now it doesn’t need to be ‘mamas gone wild’ but it is nice to slap on the heels and let your hair down for an evening. I think I went out once in two years after by first son was born, by choice, as I didn’t want to be away from him. Then I had two and again it was hard to go out, by choice, as I breast fed, didn’t pump and wanted to stay home if needed. Now they are a little older and having stayed at home for years it feels good to break out once and a while. I want this spot to be used to suggest good events or nights that we can meet up and go out or other ways we can self-nurture ourselves.

If there is a socialite among you with her ear to the ground I would love to hear from her or if you are a venue who is organizing a cool event let me know. Unfortunately Maui severely lacks cool places to go of an evening. The other night a few girl friends and I found ourselves huddled under a street lamp in a blanket because the restaurant had closed and there was no where to go.

We could use this platform to talk to venues and start creating some fun nights that possibly don’t start at 10pm, as some of us have to get up early with the little ones. When I approached one bar/restaurant about this idea they scoffed at advertising to pregnant mamas, I certainly do not advise pregnant woman to drink, I didn’t even drink while breastfeeding and still don’t really, but you don’t have to drink alcohol to have fun. It’s more about getting out, shaking off the month, releasing some stress and feeling you again. It could also be a great day event where mamas can get together to have fun, pamper, learn, be creative or just hang out and relax. Either way let me know if there is something going on so I can share the info. Thank you.

Image Credit: Janice Fransisco

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