Do I need an Epidural?

Do I need an Epidural?Dear Aunty Tina, Do I need an epidural?

The only epidural I use is a shower nozzle, massage, breath, intention, support, reminders of the power to be and or a tens unit (a portable, pocket-sized, battery-powered device that uses mild, safe electrical signals to help control pain).

Epidurals do have their place and can be a compassionate tool for those beyond exhausted or in terrible pain but, I would try all other methods first.

During labor your body produces natural endorphins to aid the contractions, but an epidural blocks these. Epidurals also reduce oxytocin production.

An epidural works by blocking nerve signals and therefore numbs you from the waist down. This can disconnect you from the birthing experience, which can prolong it or increase the risks of tearing, induction and or cesareans. The drug will also enter your baby’s bloodstream.

After birth your baby may appear more drowsy and can have difficulties latching on to the breast. I would research the side effects before choosing whether this pain medication is for you. Women have successfully been giving birth for millions of years without it.

Do I need an epidural?

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