Maui Distance Learning Support Group

We all want to keep our children safe and with the uncertainties of COVID-19, parents are overwhelmed with the anxiety to make that tough decision. Questions that have been weighing on every parents’ mind is do we send our child back to school? Will the school be able to keep the students 6 feet apart at all times? Will all the students, faculty, and staff stay vigilant in always wearing a mask? How often will they be cleaning and disinfecting the classrooms?

With the start of school in August, we learned what the “new norm” looks like whether it is face-to-face (in-person), blended (in-person/virtual), or for many of us 100% distance learning (virtual/work-from-home) there are many things to consider. With distance learning, someone has to be home with our children, especially elementary age, but that is not easily done for many families that are struggling financially. 

This is the reason I created Distance Learning Maui Support Group on Facebook. Being one of the Administrators for Maui Homeschool Friends Facebook Group, and going through the many requests to join daily, I saw a huge need for support in this area. Many families were at their wits end, not knowing what they were going to do before semester started. This is a completely new situation that we are currently in and there is no knowing what tomorrow will look like. We need a lot of support from one another as we navigate through, especially since everything is happening so quickly with new information coming out daily. 

Distance Learning Maui Support Group was created in the hope of helping to provide a place where we can come together and find support. It is overwhelming and nerve wracking having to jump into the unknown, but as a group, we can help one another, gain knowledge from each other, and share our resources and experiences. Even if we just need a place to get our frustrations or worries off of our chest, we can do that here because most likely someone else is feeling the same way.

Just knowing that we are not alone in this will be a tremendous help to our sanity as parents. If I can help ease your worries by taking the time out to lend an ear, provide words of encouragement, share my resources and personal experiences as a homeschooling mom, that is exactly what I will do. I am no expert, just a homeschooling mom of three beautiful daughters that saw the need. I knew I had to step up and start up the Distance Learning Maui Support Group that so many were looking for.

Image Credit: Samantha Nishimura

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Samantha Nishimura is a Homeschooling Mom of 3 beautiful daughters and founder of the Facebook group Distance Learning Maui Support Group. “My family is the most important thing in my life and I enjoy every moment I spend with them. You never know what tomorrow will bring so live your best life today.”


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