I love to house clean. I love to spend a gorgeous day off on my hands and knees scrubbing the tub followed by a back-breaking session of vacuuming. I love it so much that the only way I could accomplish the task, was to reward myself with Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies. Every 20 minutes.

My place got clean but I got plump. So, I adopted a new strategy for cleaning. Exercise while you Excavate. And make lots of noise. Here’s how it works.

Start with a warm-up, because the biggest pain in cleaning, I think, is back pain.

Lie on your back and hug your knees. Breathe. Relax those shoulders! Inhale, fill your belly, exhale, draw knees toward you while your belly deflates and let your body melt into the floor. Do this for a few minutes.

Put your feet on the floor, knees bent. Do the Pelvic Rock. Inhale, rock the pelvis so there’s a space under your waist. Exhale, belly deflates, allow the pelvis to rock back as your waist touches the floor. Make them small, easy, as little effort as possible, rocks; ride the breath. Do this a few minutes. While you’re down there, you can examine the rug and all the things you’ll have to tell someone to pick up.

Get up and then squat, feet wide, feet flat. The wider the feet, the easier to get your butt down close to the floor. Arms are inside the knees. Hang your head.   Feel the lower back release. A good position also for washing those French doors.

Now do the dishes. Jiggle your butt. Make some noise. Just let sound come out. It feels good. Get loose. Wash a few dishes, make sure you’re not bending forward. Next, get your foot up on the front of the sink, in front of you, let the bent knee go to the side some. Wash a few dishes while stretching the groin area. Do the other side. Next, straighten your leg, placing your foot on the counter out to the side. It’s even better to have the foot placed a little forward with a lot of the leg on top of the counter. Here’s your ballet stretch. Let out some deep low sounds – filling, softening, releasing, your whole pelvic bowl. Ahhh, kinda nice. Keep washing (or not).

O.K, my sister and I used to call this Wombat Feet. Get some old towels and big rubber bands. Wrap the towels around your feet and secure them with a rubber band around your ankles. Use your wombat feet to dry mop or wet mop the floor with lovely glides while pausing in each position of a standing split, to stretch the front of the hip area.

Turn on some rockin’ music. Get your rag/sponge and you have to finish all wiping down of surfaces by the end of the first song. The second song is your celebration dance. Jump around, get the blood flowing, sing along.

If you have to use a dreaded vacuum cleaner, get some good grunting sounds going. It’ll help you use your abdominals more than your lower back. Stomp around while you vacuum and you can get an excellent grounding exercise for your body and your psyche.

Get creative with your house cleaning and get a bit of exercise in at the same time. Make some noise too; it’s good for you!

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Lori Lewis is a Sound Healing Practitioner, Special Education Teacher, and Keiki Dance Instructor. She uses sounding (toning with the voice) with moms in particular, facilitating pain relief, emotional release, and getting down to core issues. During pregnancy, sound baths are a magical treat for mother and baby. bamboolori@gmail.com


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