Roundup use on Maui

I want to give an update on the status of roadside spraying on Maui.

With the help of our amazing friend Stephen Rodgers at the State Department of Transportation on Maui they have completely stopped all purchase of Roundup. In fact, they are just about to change the signs on all of their spray trucks to say “Certified Organic Herbicide,” so be on the lookout for those trucks in the very near future and please honk, throw shaka, wave your hands around, whatever, to show them love because they deserve it!!

Unfortunately, we have not been as successful with the county… they decided after a short “trial” run that the same organic herbicide that works for the state DOT “doesn’t work” for them.

A group called, “Beyond Pesticides” has offered to come train both the county and the state staff free of charge to help achieve the goal of using non toxic pesticides. The county knows this offer of training… I sent an email last week detailing this and have not heard back.

Please express your disappointment with the county’s lack of effort and encouragement to commit to finding a non toxic solution for maintaining our parks and roadways. The future of this island and our keiki deserve better!

Please address your concerns to :
Maui County Public Works director David Goode
808 270 7845,
Deputy Director Rowena Dagdag-Andaya
808 270 7485

Via Gretchen Losano

You can also sign the petition:
To stop the purchase and use of Roundup and other glyphosate based herbicides and neonicotinoid in our parks, roadways, and near schools.

Photo: Maui road side photograph on the petition above.

This article was published Jan 21, 2016.


  1. Please find a safe and ORGANIC method of roadside clearing. It CAN be done. The time for change is NOW. The people are informed and organized and are demanding change.


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