Summer madness vacation

Summertime… So much comes to mind. Living on Maui I have always looked forward to consistent trade winds and staying busy at work, both summertime staples here on the Valley Isle. The biggest reality of Summer is the fact that the kiddos are out of school, and that changes everything. To start it off with a fitting quote for this summer I think Will Smith nailed it for us with, “There’s an air of love and of happiness, and this is the Fresh Prince’s new definition of Summer Madness.”

This summer we decided to take our act to the mainland for some good ol’ midwestern humidity, and thus far the weather hath not failed to deliver. The first thing I noticed when stepping out of the airport was how it has likely never been this hot in the history of Hawaii, unless your visiting the volcano on the Big Island. You can feel yourself beginning to swim before you even make it to the lake, oh how blessed we are to live in Maui and be able to enjoy the best weather on Earth. It was nice to get in the rental car and pump the AC, something we rarely use at home on Maui. Coming to the mainland this summer for us, is very important, its a reminder of the life we have left behind and what could be.

The first face to greet us is my mother, both boys could not be more impressed with her open arms, they also know its time to get spoiled by grandma, something they only get about once a year at home on Maui. Within the first 3 days we are completely bombarded with plans and obligations to see so many friends and family, its a constant roller coaster of faces that are so joyed to see us. A beautiful new addition to our bloodline truly stands out, a sweet little girl named after my grandmother was born on the same day we arrive. So amazing to see my kiddos holding their brand new little cousin.

Family is just one perk of going to the mainland for the summer, the promise of a wide variety of things to do is also at the top of our agenda. After deplaning I was quick to catch a nap and beat the jet lag, yeah right… too much going on for that. A concert downtown in the big city on the first night was a great way to kick it off, an act that certainly had never made it to the MACC is so welcomed to all of my senses. Family reunions and them parks, fughedaboutit! Oh yeah, we’re gonna’ ride some roller coasters this summer, gonna’ go tubing on the lake, camp in the woods, and were gonna’ have BBQ parties.

For my oldest son, Samson, it’s pretty amazing that he is going to be able to attend Summer Camp, the same camp that I was once a Camp Counselor at during my early 20’s. I know he will love it, it’s no surprise that he is not looking forward to that as much as he is anticipating his first WWE Monday Night Raw Event, live in person! I suppose that I too was guilty of being obsessed with wrestling superstars when I was a pre-teen. I have no shame for this, well, maybe a little:) Rider, the youngest is pretty stoked too, he is on board for everything without hesitation. As my brother put it so well, “Those kids don’t know how good they have, they don’t even know what day it is.”

Its true, lucky kids! I am so proud to give them this opportunity to meet so many family members that they would otherwise never get to meet living the dream life raised on Maui.

Image Credit: Billy Campbell

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Billy Campbell is a happy 37 y/o single father to two awesome kids and lives in Haiku. He owns and operates a small tour business ( while his kids never cease to keep life interesting and fun. He and his boys are very grateful and blessed that they can call this beautiful island their home.


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