Maui mama pregnancy

Aloha my dear sweet little human growing inside of me!

Oh my goodness gracious! We are definitely fast approaching a huge change in both of our lives, as we currently know them! Our due date is in four days. I am not in any way attached to that day in particular, but it certainly brings into reality how close we are to this amazing shift. Your daddy and I are so excited to lay our eyes on your beautiful face! Right now is a very unique time. As far as you go, you are very still and peaceful most of the time, and at other times you are so active it feels like you are ready to meet the world. You amaze me every day, in every way, and you haven’t even been born yet! We have been together in a very close way now for nine whole months! I have enjoyed being your baby house immensely! I have had hardly any complaints and minimal discomfort. I hope the same is true for you! I promise to be present for our labor and believe that you have just as much hard work ahead of you as I when it comes to bringing you into this outside world. We are going to need to work together like the awesome team we have become in these past nine months and your daddy will be right there with us, supporting us 100% of the way!

Ohhhh yeah… we have no idea what your name is yet. If you would like to tell either me, or your daddy in a dream or in waking life please do so. Your daddy keeps coming up with super silly names! Last night as we were having dinner with some friends he said your name was going to be, “ ILoveYouSooooMuch!” We all got a laugh out of it. You can decide later in life if you want that to be your name.

Also today Tutu G and I worked on getting our bedroom nice and clean and ready for you. You’re going to love it! You’re kicking me right now! THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! I think perhaps we are hungry.

I love you sweet baby of me. See you when I see you!

Love Mommy

Image Credit: Sommer Tarro

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