When Will I Feel My Baby Move?

When Will I Feel My Baby Move?Dear Aunty Tina, When will I feel my baby move?

Quickening (the moment when a mother can start to feel their baby move) often starts around 17 weeks, but can be as late as 20 weeks or on some occasions as early as 14 weeks. If you don’t feel any movement, which can often start as feeling like ‘the butterflies’ after 21 weeks, mention something to your health care provider.

As the baby grows, their movements can become more exaggerated and are different with every child. Some mothers experience their babies rolling around gently with few limb extensions while other mothers feel like their baby’s are chimpanzees swinging from their rib cage. I’ve even heard of a baby kicking their mama’s rib out! Don’t ever feel afraid to move your baby into position, especially if they are particularly fond of using your liver as a punching bag.

Just remember in times like this that your little baby’s Tai Chi exercises are actually beneficial for the baby, and you, as they stretch out their growing limbs and help stretch your ligaments and uterus in preparation for birth. You will probably feel your baby move more at night just when you are trying to go to sleep, and if you haven’t felt movement in a few days, suck on an ice cube. The cold should garner a reaction from the baby.

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