Morning Sickness

Morning SicknessDear Aunty Tina, What do you recommend for Morning Sickness?

Growing up there was hardly any morning sickness or hardly any that you heard about which makes me believe that it may be ambivalence showing up. Take time to meditate on your pregnancy and take into account all the positives that outweigh the negative. State of mind is really important in the first trimester. Physically it helps to eat protein at each opportunity, peanut butter on crackers is great and increase your intake of vitamin B.

I believe nutrition is more important in the first 12 weeks than any other time. Set down the foundation and allow a weight gain of 10 pounds, this is fine.

I also recommend taking supplements of Vitamin E which is good for the implantation of the placenta and brain and spinal column formation. Folic Acid is recommended if eating greens make you feel green. In extreme cases acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help.

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Tina Garzero CPM, LMT. practiced midwifery for 40 years and lived on Maui for over 35 Years. She was the mother to 9 children and lived in Haiku. She is the heart of the Mauimama and will be sorely missed. (Tina Garzero 1951-2015). We love you Tina. This website is dedicated to Tina's life and service on Maui.