Natural Cold Remedies

 natural cold remediesDear Aunty Tina, It is the season for runny noses, which is constant now my little girl has started daycare. Do you know of any natural cold remedies that work?

I know quite a few techniques that can help. The first I was told about over 30 years ago when my children were small, and have been using ever since. Rub apple cider vinegar onto your child’s wrists at the first signs of a runny nose. This will help balance the body’s acidic levels. Unfriendly bacteria and viruses struggle to survive in alkaline environments. You can also get them to drink water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar a few times a day which may help too.

The second technique is Ferrum Phosphoricum or FerrPhos for short. It is a homeopathic remedy compound made from iron and phosphorus. From my experience this seems to nip the cold in the bud pretty well. I also suggest cutting back or avoid giving your children dairy and wheat products while they have a cold as both of these foods are mucus forming. And lastly I like the ‘Emergen-C’ packages that are packed with vitamin C and other immunity boosters, as are guavas and lilikois. However, the ascorbic acid in the “C” and fruits is corrosive on your child’s tooth enamel so it is advised to brush your children’s teeth soon after consumption.

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