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may toddler hits

Dear Aunty Tina, My toddler keeps hitting his baby brother. Time-out is not working. What can I do?

It is normal for a two year old to display aggressive behavior. They know what they want and may not have the verbal or social skills to express themselves.

I would not suggest using time-out. It doesn’t address the underlying dynamics. I would acknowledge his frustration, let him know he is being heard, get him in listening mode. Anger isn’t wrong, it is the response to the anger, which needs to be addressed. Let him know that hitting is unacceptable and that it is your job to keep everyone safe. Let him now his feelings are valid but there are other ways to show them. Try to figure out the underlying reason.

I bought my first son a baby doll when he showed signs of jealousy towards his new baby sibling. He took his frustration out on his doll but he left his baby sister alone.

If it persists or it becomes a problem with other children he may have some sensory or behavior issues that can hopefully be remedied with professional help at Imua or Maui Center for Child Development. You are not alone.

My Toddler Hits

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