Birthing Plan

birthing planDear Aunty Tina, My friend is insisting that I create a birthing plan. Do you have any recommendations?

Birthing plans have helped a lot of couples. It helps you to figure out where you would like your birth to take place and what roles you would like people to play. It also helps you to visualize scenarios and helps you to decide what you think you may need for the big day, so when it finally happens you feel prepared. However, sometimes birthing plans can be a hindrance and lead to disappointments if the birth takes a course of its own.

I went to a wonderful seminar on birthing last month by Dr Michel Odent who had some great thoughts on this matter. He suggested, with birth we need to get out of out neo cortex (frontal analytical brain) and get into our instinctual brains. His concern was that birth was becoming way too programmed rather than just letting the body do what it knows what to do.

What I have learned in my 30+ years of experience is that it is good to know what things you need around you and what you require from people who are there to support you – then let go and be grateful for the wonderful experience of birth. Whether you are in the hospital or at home, have gratitude be a big part of your birthing plan, where there is no room for fear and doubt and trust in this amazing miracle.

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