Natural Birth

natural birthDear Aunty Tina, I’m hearing about all these natural births. How do I hope to cope without dope during labor?

Everyone is different and you know yourself better than anyone else. I do believe a natural birth or drug free birth is best. Drugs can inhibit how active you can be in your own birthing process and the drugs can have negative side effects for you and your baby. However, I do acknowledge that sometimes it is necessary.

If you decide to do a natural birth without pain medications, which a lot of mothers do, there are certain pain techniques you can practice.

Obviously it is normal to feel discomfort as your body prepares to give birth, but it is important to go with it.

Focusing on your breath can really help, as can visualization. For example, imagine a vessel of energy at the center of your body – as you breathe, you fill that vessel with positive energy (you can visualize light if that helps), as the vessel overflows; your body disperses the energy/light and delivers it exactly where it needs to go. Instead of focusing on the point of pain, focus instead on filling your vessel and trusting in your innate wisdom to direct the energy where it needs to go.

Other thoughts that may help during intense moments of discomfort is that the moment will pass, and that billions of mothers have done this before you, and will continue doing so for as long as we are here.

TRUSTING that you can do it is the key!

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Tina Garzero CPM, LMT. practiced midwifery for 40 years and lived on Maui for over 35 Years. She was the mother to 9 children and lived in Haiku. She is the heart of the Mauimama and will be sorely missed. (Tina Garzero 1951-2015). We love you Tina. This website is dedicated to Tina's life and service on Maui.