How Do I Measure My Belly?

 How Do I Measure My Belly?Dear Aunty Tina, My boyfriend and I were trying to measure my belly last night but couldn’t figure out how you correlate the measurement to the number of weeks. Please help. How Do I Measure My Belly?

First of all, how were you holding the measuring tape? If you were bringing it behind your back and across your belly you are in the wrong area. To measure the size of your baby you hold the bottom of the measuring tape to the top of the public bone and then bring it up to the top of the uterus’ fundus (just below the chest plate).

If you do this after 20 weeks you can gauge how far along the baby is. Each centimeter relates to a week, for example if you were measuring 36 cm, then the baby would be thought to be at 36 week.
There are some exceptions to this rule; Twins, if the mother is diabetic, a very big baby or if there is a lot of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby.

Good luck and have fun with it!

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