How to Soothe a Newborn

How to Soothe a NewbornDear Aunty Tina, Do you have any simple techniques for soothing a newborn baby?

Skin to skin works wonders and feels great for you the mother or the father and your baby. They can feel your heart beat, a rhythm that they remember from the womb and can feel your warmth and love and smell your skin with nothing obstructing in the way.

A crying baby can also be soothed by placing your clean, trimmed pinky into her mouth. Your pinky will touch the roof of her mouth and she will latch on and suck. This is something a father can easily do too and it is very sweet for them to feel the baby suckling. However, don’t do this too much as a baby can actually miss feedings and end up too lethargic and actually lose weight. If you are feeding on demand, be aware of your baby’s suckling time and don’t go more than 3-4 hours between feeds. I also want to suggest that when you do feed your baby do one breast at a time so your baby gets down to your hind milk and will ensure that he gets full.

A good technique to sooth a baby at night, if you are not sleeping skin to skin, is to swaddle your baby snug in a baby blanket like a burrito. Baby blankets are the perfect size for this. The swaddling technique can work wonders although if your baby is resisting, listen to her, as some people naturally don’t like the sensation of being confined. Gently rocking, while standing or sitting, may help these babies too, while using an exercise ball is an excellent sitting/bouncing aid too.

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