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Brilliant: The bright and radiant loving light that exists in all of us.

Dance: A series of steps, usually done to music, that provides a physical outlet.

Care: Doing what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone.

Dancing is great for the body and soul. It can help you connect with yourself, while building strength, stamina, knowledge, and confidence. Upcountry Maui’s Brilliant Dance Care (BDC) is a new program opening its doors and inviting everyone to come on in and dance! This dance enrichment program is one of a kind as we are a dance community, not a business. There are no registration fees or uniforms. Brilliant Dance Care is a donation based program. Pay in cash, checks, or fruits and veggies. Everyone can dance. All ages and levels welcome!

BDC aims to empower all individuals to fearlessly let their inner light shine through movement and connection to music. This is a non-competitive, non-intimidating, learning environment that creates a safe space for all to blossom. Director Jaidah Gertrude combines knowledge and nurture to provide top quality training in a friendly environment. She offers her passion, professional dance experience, and over ten years teaching experience in the form of Adult Cardio Ballet, Keiki Ballet, and Keiki Hip-Hop at 95 Makawao Avenue.

Cardio Ballet is every Monday at 7:00pm. Learn classical ballet to all of your favorite contemporary music. You’ll have so much fun you will forget you are working out! No experience necessary.

Keiki Ballet is every Friday at 4pm. Watch your little one gain independence, social skills, confidence and dance knowledge in this creative introductory ballet class. Ages 2-12.

Keiki Hip Hop is every Friday at 3pm. Keiki will develop style and confidence in our introduction to hip hop class. We will cover aspects of free-style and easy to learn choreography. Ages 2-12.

Treat yourself to classes with Brilliant Dance Care! Call 808 298 3502 to register today.

Be Brilliant. Be Bright. Be YOU! Happy New Year!

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Jaidah Gertrude is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. Her holistic approach to dance and fitness training aims to develop the body, mind, and soul in a loving a supportive environment. She hopes to make the world a better place one dance at a time.


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