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As this new year approaches I reflect on this past year and I set goals for 2017. My reflection brings me gratitude for this current stage of my life. I have two kids in elementary school, my business is thriving, I am giving back to myself by working out, I am going on more dates with my hubby, and overall I am really enjoying this new chapter of my life.

Even though my life is rich and full, there have been many times when I haven’t had the energy to make it through each day. Many days I would find myself reaching for caffeine, especially coffee, 2-3 times a day to lift my energy up and keep me going. While I knew it was not the healthiest choice, I was trapped in a cycle of depleting my body with caffeine and then needing more caffeine to recover from the highs and lows. I have been on a long-standing quest for a way to break this cycle and recover the natural energy I had before I had children and so many obligations. I’ve always been health conscious and interested in alternative ways to fuel my body, and I know I am not unique and the only mama out there looking for the same.

A few months ago I met two beautiful mama friends who were really living in that vibrant energy I had been searching for. Once a week we practice yoga, go on walks, or catch up on the playground. I was curious to know what they were doing to maintain and glow while still being mom! I started asking them questions and they shared with me a simple superfoods regimen that has literally transformed their lives, and now my own. I began my own 40 day health reset, which included a ten-day superfoods transformation/detox and a month of daily live organic nutrition.

I was blown away the moment I looked at the list of ingredients. High quality, organic, non-GMO, environmentally sourced superfoods that you cannot find in a health food store. I was excited that these products come straight from the farm to my family and reduced our carbon footprint. I was intrigued to learn more and inspired to integrate this into my life, motivating me to change my coffee habits and to nourish my body and cells on a deeper level.

As I researched more I learned about the Daily Core 3 nutrition that is a minimum effort with maximum results system. I made my order and after a month of core 3 I have to admit I already feel major benefits. I have more sustainable energy throughout my day, I sleep a lot better and finally wake up feeling refreshed and clear. I’m excited to start my 10 day transformation, tone my body, detoxify, and reset my metabolism! A lot of people release 5-20 lbs during the 10 days, along with all of the toxins in the stored fat layers that are weighing our systems down!

My Kids love the shake that is included too. I’m stoked to know that they are receiving 12 servings of organic fruits and veggies every day, no matter how busy or hectic our family life gets. I’m excited to feel what’s yet to come! Making these changes wasn’t easy and I’m grateful for friends here who have encouraged me and have offered amazing support.

For any of you busy mamas that are reading this right now, if you or your families aren’t getting all the nutrition you need every day, if you are ready to start taking better care of yourself and prioritizing self-care, if you want to tone up your postpartum body and shed a few pounds, or if you want to detoxify and be a part of a beautiful loving mama community locally here on island, reach out! We are preparing for a group cleanse to start 2017 right! My goal is to get to my baseline of health, flush out toxins and eliminate my sugar addiction.

Community support is a great way for me to be successful when achieving health goals. I’d love to have more join me for this transformation. It is such a fun way to connect to so many of you and strengthen our island mama community! Let me know if you’d like to learn more info, there is so much more to share.

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