Common Ground Collective

Common Ground Collective (CGC) is a local up and coming non-profit, who is working to boost local food production and economic opportunities in Maui. By providing a range of services, such as, mobile farmers and administrative assistance, they are working with the community to create a network of small independently owned diversified residential farms. CGC will help maintain these residential farms, in order to grow a more sustainable regional food system.

The founders of Common Ground Collective are Jennifer Karaca and Terese Masters, who met before graduating from the Sustainable Science Management Bachelor’s Program at the University of Hawaii Maui Campus. They were drawn together by each other’s drive and passion to create a new way to spur economic growth while promoting regenerative farming practices in the community and their love for their children and creating a better future.

In 2017 they worked tirelessly to put together a board filled with local talent and expertise and teamed up with various local organizations to help create a more sustainable regional food system. This vision, which has now materialized into a business model, caters to busy landowners and local farmers. CGC helps them to create and run small diversified farms that both provide food and economic benefits to their families and the community.

The Common Ground Collective is seeking to transform Maui into a bountiful and productive island that benefits both the environment and the people who live here, for generations to come. The organization will employ mobile farmers to help transform unproductive land into blossoming small diversified farms throughout the community and provide an administrative staff to support landowners deal with all the administrative tasks that are needed to run a small farm. In all CGC will create a full-cycle agricultural system service for Maui with the goal to promote food security, education, and economic opportunities here in our beautiful island community.

They are currently seeking support from the community in forms of information exchange about market data, volunteers, and much needed donors to get the organization fully operational. To support or learn more visit their website:

Image Credit: Common Ground Collective

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