Christina DeHoff

I am woman and the strong feminine appears to be the focus of much of the art that comes through me.

My name is Christina DeHoff and I have always treasured my strong, powerful, positive and deep relationships with women. I feel like the paintings I create serve as reminders of an internal knowing that we as women have a strength beyond measure, and that we are here to raise one another up in this world. One of my greatest joys is working directly and intimately with women to create powerful paintings that are unique to their soul’s journey.

I personally feel at home in the softer side of my femininity. It is the strong, clear, priestess warrior side that knows how to use the word “no” that I’ve had to call out from behind my veil. It is this goddess that rises from my paintings, healing me as it keeps me connected to that core strength and clear knowing.

The only way I can describe what I do when I paint is I adjust my senses to take in what I would describe as different currents flowing around us. There is one energy that feels to me like an ancient star filled sisterhood current that carries goddess wisdom and strong feminine energy. It carries me into visions of the past and the future. Sacred timeless circles of women gathered around fire, in the woods, on top of mountains, in homes, in caves, next to rivers, oceans, ceremony, dance offerings, gratitude, sharing of knowledge and wisdom of medicine, of grief, of broken hearts, of love, of sexuality, of birth and of death. It is this deepest knowing that I tap into when I paint a woman’s being. It’s a wordless communication really…I attempt to wordlessly create a painting that communicates everything I see in someone. I create an image, a portrait of someone’s true essence.

My art is a wild, delicious and beautiful ride that I hope to be able to keep expanding, as I empower women, showing them their true beauty and strength in the art I create.

Image Credit: Christina Dehoff

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