maui mama pregnant

6 Things No-one Told Me Before I Became Pregnant

Constant Baller! I had never really experienced my full range of emotions and hormones until I got pregnant. I literally DID cry at the puppies...
labor on beach tips for labor

10 Centimeters, 11 Tips

11 tips to how to navigate your labor effectively.
Mauimama Awakened Reflections

Creating an Inner Restorative Place

How to develop the ‘Nurturing Place’ to benefit your mind and body during pregnancy.
Maui premature baby

Signs of Preterm Labor: Every Week Counts

Know the signs of preterm labor. When in doubt, check it out!
stretch marks solution

A Maui Mama’s Stretch Mark Solution

A local mother makes a balm to help prevent stretch marks with the aid from Calendula extract.
Maui pregnant prenatal yoga

Open Up Wide and I Don’t Mean Your Legs!

It is amazing how little I knew about the intricacies of giving birth, until I got pregnant. In the movies the woman are either...
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