Maui pregnant prenatal yoga

7 Tips to Help Prepare for a Healthy Pregnancy

Whether you are newly pregnant or in the “trying” stage, there is no doubt that you have considered whether or not your body is...
Herbs pregnancy avoid

Herbs that can Help & Herbs to Avoid when Pregnant

The medicinal properties of herbs have been utilized since ancient times by healers, sages and midwives. It has only been since the introduction of...
Doulas birth Maui

Five Ways Doulas Improve Birth

1. Reduce risks of C-section and Pitocin - When a woman feels supported emotionally and has a safe space to labor with people that...
pregnancy mauimama

The Inward Invitation of Pregnancy

The process of preparing for birth can be all sorts of overwhelming, and sometimes very focused on the external world. Many women feel waves...
Joyous Labour with hypnotherapy

Joyous Labor and Childbirth with Hypnotherapy

News I wish I knew back when: When I gave birth to my son, I chose “natural childbirth.” No drugs, because I heard that...
Fully Present Conception

Fully Present Conception

How do I begin to explain the beauty of my son? There is no way that the written word can capture the way he...
Hawaii Cord Blood Bank

Hawaii Cord Blood Bank or Give the Gift of Life

The Hawaii Cord Blood Bank (HCBB) is an independent, non-profit community service organization whose mission is to support measures aimed at improving patient access...
Malama Pregnancy Center

Malama Pregnancy Center

Malama Pregnancy Center (MPC) is a new non-profit pregnancy resource center located in the heart of Wailuku Town.  We provide help and hope to anyone...
Prenatal Yoga

Breathe, Believe and Repeat… Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a great way for expecting mothers to stay active and energized. Mothers who practice regularly bond with their growing babies and...
Coping labor final trimester

Things To Do in Your Last Trimester or The Home Stretch

The following is a list of things recommended to do in your last trimester: • Sit in a flat-footed squat at least once per day. •...
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