SUI bladder postpartum

How not to Pee your Pants when Laughing!

Ladies, leaking urine while laughing, coughing, sneezing and exercising isn’t normal and shouldn’t be brushed off as part of life. There is a way...
classes Maui Parenting

Free Maui Summer Classes: Pregnancy – Parenthood

Maui Sage Life is introducing new classes this summer to inspire and guide families throughout pregnancy, postpartum and parenting. Each class and group is...
postpartum sexuality

Blossoming After Birth ~ Awakening Your Sexuality

The journey of childbearing is one of the most transformative processes, we as women will go through. It catalyzes radical change in every aspect...
Restoring Pelvic Childbirth

Restoring Pelvic Health After Childbirth

Regardless if a baby was born vaginally or by cesarean, the pelvic bowl that once supported the growing baby has changed. These...
Reclined breastfeeding position

Have You Tried the Reclined Breastfeeding Position?

With Breastfeeding Awareness Month this August are you aware of the reclined breastfeeding position? The many benefits to this more comfortable and...
Postpartum care community

Revillaging the Postpartum

“Postpartum” is the time following a pregnancy. It is not a syndrome. It can last from six weeks, to all of life...
Best way carry baby

The Best, and Safest Way to Hold Our Littles

Hey Mamas, what is one thing we all have in common (besides that we have littles)? We all spend hours carrying our...
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