Pregnancy and making love

Pregnancy & Making Love

Most every expectant couple wonders,“Is it O.K. to make love while we’re pregnant?” For the most part the answer is yes, absolutely. Babies are...

The Birth of Kekoa Kai Hakes

On the evening of October 30th, I began my labor with our fourth child, but because I absolutely refused to give birth on Halloween the labor stopped! Now it is two weeks later at 19:30pm on November 14th.
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Amelia Benton’s Birth Story

The bright glow of the full moon had passed behind the quiet Hale Mahina in the distant west. The twinkle of the...
Mauimama Awakened Reflections

Creating an Inner Restorative Place

How to develop the ‘Nurturing Place’ to benefit your mind and body during pregnancy.
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“I WAS Born to Birth a Baby”

When I first saw this photo of myself holding Ellee after her birth I was appalled. I was disappointed and almost disgusted...
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A Birthing Story ~ Stormy Days & Early Births

Every woman’s birth transforms her to the deepest of her core. It rocks her out of this world and into a deep inner space....
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Birth Story – Keep Calm & Teach On

There is a popular saying amongst teachers: Keep Calm and Teach On. As a Kindergarten teacher of five years, I had learned that this...
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Brain Development in Utero

The building blocks for a baby’s brain begin to form at just 16 days in utero! That is usually a couple of...
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