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Flying with Little Ones

Dear Aunty Tina, I am getting ready to fly to the mainland with my 6 month old and 2 year old daughter, without my...
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Co-Sleeping With Your Baby

Dear Aunty Tina, My husband is not thrilled with the arrangement of having our baby sleep in our bed. What can I do to...
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Getting Ready for Two

Dear Aunty Tina, I am getting ready to have my second child and am a little concerned with how I will be able to...
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Infant Jaundice

Dear Aunty Tina, Is there a chance my baby could be born with infant  jaundice? If your baby is born prematurely there is a good...
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The Witching Hour

Dear Aunty Tina, I have a 2 month old son who gets REALLY fussy around sunset, sometimes he will cry for two hours! Is...
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Newborn Vitamin K Shot

Dear Aunty Tina, Why do I have to give vitamin K to my baby after he is born? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that...
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Umbilical Cord Stub Maintenance

Dear Aunty Tina, My friend just had a baby and she had all kinds of oozing issues with her baby’s remaining umbilical cord. How...
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How Do I Relieve My Colic Baby?

Dear Aunty Tina, How do I relieve my colic baby? A baby with colic can be a challenging thing to go through for you and your...
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How to Soothe a Newborn

Dear Aunty Tina, Do you have any simple techniques for soothing a newborn baby? Skin to skin works wonders and feels great for you the...
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Cradle Cap

Dear Aunty Tina, my baby has brown scaly skin on the top of his head. Is this normal? Yes, this is completely normal and is...
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