birth story Mauimama

A birth Story

You had a due date. Because that’s what doctors and midwives give you. Your due date was March 9th 2016. It would have been...
Neonatal Compartment Syndrome

The Amazing Story about Faith

September 2, 2007, twelve days before my due date, I began having contractions and losing my mucus plug. It was my first pregnancy and...
Birthing story Maui mama

Great Love Lies Beyond the Edge

She straddled the edge           And felt into eternity. The edge of the old               ...
Hospital Birthing story

Birthing Story ~ My Journey to Motherhood

Love. I thought I knew what this meant, but I truly learned the meaning when I welcomed my son into the world on July...
Bradley method birth story

Using the Bradley Method ®

I was 34 when I became pregnant, so my doctors considered me high risk. They did as many ultrasounds as they liked and tested...
Maui newborn toes

Birthing story – Beating the Statistics!

Ten years ago, at the delicate age of 16, I was pregnant. Coming from young parents myself (my mom whom was 19, and my...
breastfeeding Mauimama newborn

Birthing Story – The Birth of Alliana Rose

It was August 26th at 3:30am that I awoke to waves of rushes. I was so thrilled as my due date had come and...
Doula birth story

A Doula By My Side

I had never even heard the term “doula” before I moved to Maui. Lani Morris says she prefers the term “labor assistant” anyway, but...
Home birth Maui birthing story

Birthing Story – Girl, You are at 9 1/2 Centimeters!

I clenched the rail of the balcony and scowled at the West Maui Mountains. I really wished I was in labor. I was 40...
homebirth Maui newborn

HBAC (Home Birth After Cesarean) with a Boom

Birth is truly the grand finale to the great journey of pregnancy. For so many years I was teary-eyed, envisioning birthing my baby and then...
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