Birth story car delivery

How Sienna Got Her Name!

It started off as the perfect Sunday. Our ‘ohana was finishing up our spontaneous staycation at the Hyatt and we were all...
placenta home birth birthing story

Every Mama’s Birth Story is Legend: Here’s Mine, Part II

The living room seemed to be getting smaller and smaller as I was pushing to get the placenta out while still holding and nursing...
Birthing story intrathecal

All is Well that Ends Well!

It blows my mind to think I grew an actual human being in my belly and gave birth to it. What a miracle! With...

“You Can’t Fricken Push. We’re Not At The Hospital!”

From the middle of my second pregnancy, I knew a lot of things about my baby. I knew she was a girl, I knew...
Water birth home

Birthing Story: My Daughter of the Moon

After months of anticipation I walked in the big glass hospital doors to the Birth unit. This was the day I had been dreaming...
home birth Maui birthing story

Birth Story – Keep Calm & Teach On

There is a popular saying amongst teachers: Keep Calm and Teach On. As a Kindergarten teacher of five years, I had learned that this...
Home birth story

A Birthing Story ~ Stormy Days & Early Births

Every woman’s birth transforms her to the deepest of her core. It rocks her out of this world and into a deep inner space....

The Birth of Kekoa Kai Hakes

On the evening of October 30th, I began my labor with our fourth child, but because I absolutely refused to give birth on Halloween the labor stopped! Now it is two weeks later at 19:30pm on November 14th.
Birth story Kelly King

Birthing Story ~ On My Daughter’s Birth-day

On my daughter’s 33rd birthday, the memories are still vivid. At 26 years young, I was the first of five siblings and most of...

My Birth Vision Part I (Power of Intent)

The beauty of birth is that it is unique for each woman in both vision and actuality. My intentions were to have a natural...
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