home birth story

It’s Only Energy ~ Maui Home Birth Story

The evening before my daughter was born, I attended my mom Tina’s Birthing Class, feeling a sense of calm anticipation as I...
Mindful Mama Method

Mindful Mama Method

Rooted in evidence-based methodologies, the Mindful Mama Method empowers expecting and postnatal mamas with smart, safe and effective yoga, movement, education, and...
Birth story car delivery

How Sienna Got Her Name!

It started off as the perfect Sunday. Our ‘ohana was finishing up our spontaneous staycation at the Hyatt and we were all...
rainbow baby maui loss

You Are Not Alone

October is around the corner and is a very special month for some families as this is the month nationally recognized as...
Preganancy poem

Thank You For Choosing Me (Pregnancy Poem)

Oh sweet little one  You feel as if you have been with me forever Tucked under...
Best way carry baby

The Best, and Safest Way to Hold Our Littles

Hey Mamas, what is one thing we all have in common (besides that we have littles)? We all spend hours carrying our...
birth home mauimama

“I WAS Born to Birth a Baby”

When I first saw this photo of myself holding Ellee after her birth I was appalled. I was disappointed and almost disgusted...
safe pregnancy birth

Preparing for Postpartum During Pregnancy

Life with a newborn can be a pretty intense time, whether it is your first baby or your third, each baby and...
International adoption

Gotcha Day!

Facing my 40s single and childless – and after several IVF attempts -- it was time to pursue adoption. I hired an...
Postpartum care community

Revillaging the Postpartum

“Postpartum” is the time following a pregnancy. It is not a syndrome. It can last from six weeks, to all of life...
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