Potty boot camp Maui

“Something Terrible Happened to My Child”

When a Maui mama messaged me that her 17 month old child had recently attended a training camp for toilet readiness here on Maui,...
importance discernment parenting

The Importance of Discernment

Question: “What is the most important quality to have in life?” Maharishi: “Discrimination.” Question: “Now, Maharishi, I cannot believe that. Wouldn’t you select compassion or non-...
Water safety Maui

Water Safety & Drowning Prevention

Did you know Maui County has only 9 beaches with lifeguards? This is astounding considering the drowning rates in Hawaii. According to the Department...
Family gathering story

A Great Family Gathering

My three nieces, nephews, and a close cousin and I shared the rental expenses of a grey shingled white trimmed, 2-story quintessential Cape Cod...
dating in training

Dating in Training

Sometimes I write things down specifically to my sons for future reference. They are thoughts I have now that I don’t want to forget...
parenting child development

Water What You Want To Grow

Our children learn by modeling—it’s an innate, biologic, survival mechanism.
Potty training

Potty Training Dos and Don’ts

There is no universal time to begin potty training, nor is there a how-to guide that will work for every child and situation. However,...
breastfeeding WIC Mauimama

Clear & Centered Parenting

Using our awareness of our own energy as a parenting tool.

Know Your Creative Supplies

As moms of wee ones these days, many of us are reading food labels for artificial ingredients and scanning for little glyphs stating “gluten...
napping children keiki

Helping Your Little One Fall Asleep

As a mother of a very active 2 year old, I am the first to say that getting a good night’s sleep can make...
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