Whooping cough

Whooping Cough Facts

First let me say that this is not an article to debate the vaccination issue but is rather an article to answer some questions...
child development biting behavior

What Does it Mean When Your Child Bites?

Biting behavior in young children can cause concern for parents and child caregivers. Almost all children bite at one time, but most children will...
kids age appropriate chores

Age Appropriate Chores

It wasn’t until this Mother’s Day, just gone, that I realized that my six year old could wash the dishes! I heard the water...
tantrum solutions child behavior

How to deal with Tantrums

How to deal with Tantrums - Some children are definitely born with more fire in their bellies than others and others are definitely more...
respond with grace sourcing parent within

Sourcing the Parent Within: Respond with Grace

Sourcing the parent within means challenging typical notions that support viewing child development phases as problems, when really we need to understand the process...
parenting new child Marie fitzsimons

And then there were THREE

How do you gracefully transition from being single, or being a couple, to being a family? How do you bring another human being into...
Potty training dos and don'ts

Universal Potty Training Tips

Every body poops - fact of life! It wasn’t until I had children that this fact was right under my nose several times a...
baby swimming lessons Maui

How To Teach Your Baby To Swim

Babies can be taught to swim. I have experience teaching babies, children, and folks of all ages. I’ve had 3-month-old babies happily swim under...
Community girl rising Maui

Community Girl Rising!

Did you know that the United Nation’s Secretary General’s campaign UNITE to End Violence Against Women has designated the 25th of each month as...
baby carseat installment

The Proper Way to Install Your Child’s Car Seat

When you think of using a car seat, installing a car seat, buckling a baby into a car seat, or even choosing a car...
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