The Power of YES!

I know it is spiritually appropriate to be in the NOW, and that you are a busy Mom or Dad, however, when you have...
homemaking mauimama

A Lost Fundamental Social Art

I am proud to be a homemaker. I believe homemaking is nearly a lost art. Since women have shifted from homemakers to being working...
Role model conscious parenting

The Power of YOU! As A Role Model

Your child is not here to please you, to fulfill your need for popularity and self esteem. Nor to be a showpiece, nor to...
Hawaii car seat Laws

Review of the Hawai’i Car Seat Laws

Children under the age of four are required to ride in a child safety seat. Children age four through seven are required to ride in...
morning glory Kula

When We Run Off The Road

I really think that being a parent is one of the greatest challenges in life with the least amount of training. Thus, many...
less baby stuff = more money

Less Baby Stuff = More Money

With Christmas looming I want to share some of my insights about stuff! When I was pregnant with my daughter I was given 2 baby...

Organize Your “Kid’s” Life: Mission Possible

Sounds overwhelming! When you look around a messy room, or a desk piled high with papers, it all seems insurmountable. Most of us tend...
children TV square eyes

Square Eyes!

I told my husband that I wanted to get rid of the TV. I wanted to remove it from the house. I wasn’t joking...
parenting Mauimama

2 Powerful Words in Parenting

Liz’s dictionary: Definitions and commentary on parenting terms and language.
Maui mama peace sign

How to Stop Power Struggles with NVC

Being a parent could be the most amazing, joyful and profoundly meaningful experience of our lives. But in our modern, overwhelmingly busy lives, we...
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