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Christmas on a tight Budget

Dear Aunty Tina, How do I pull off a nice Christmas for my 4 children in this economy? Today’s media blitz of commercialism can really...
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My Toddler Hits

Dear Aunty Tina, My toddler keeps hitting his baby brother. Time-out is not working. What can I do? It is normal for a two year...
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Potty Mouthed Toddlers

Dear Aunty Tina, I don’t know what to do. My three year old has started using the ‘F’ word and I can’t get him...
Simplicity parenting happier with less

Simplicity Parenting: Happier with Less!

I am a recovering hoarder. I inherited my pack-rat nature from both my parents who saw value in every piece of scrap they came...
Terrible twos child development

START THE CLOCK…the terrible two’s have begun OR HAS IT?

What we perceive to be the terrible two’s may perhaps be quite easy to fix. Meaning we as parents need to mold, change and...
Maui girl children behavior

Training Kids into Good Behavior

It’s a given, your children are going to test your patience, push the boundaries. They are going to misbehave. Mine certainly do. The hardest for...
stop parenting power struggles

How To Stop Power Struggles With Playful Parenting

Since springtime is about growth, renewal and life, it's the perfect time to renew and enliven your relationship with play. Play helps children...
Foster care Maui

Celebrating May as National Foster Care Month

I always wanted to have a child. I figured one would be enough, as I’m from a small family and it seemed like plenty...
Astrology counseling parents Shakti

Astrology Counseling for Parenting

Some “old school” parents believe that children need to be conditioned and molded in order to grow up and become successful and happy members...
Look listen stop conscious parenting

Look, Listen and Open

Two young women recently came in contact with me and asked, “Liz, we know you have studied human development your whole adult life. What...
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