circumcision Maui surfer

The Foreskinny on Circumcision

Last month I was selling the idea of getting your nuts cut a la vasectomy. Strangely some of my close friends have had testicular...
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What Kind Of Future Are We Leaving For Our Children?

When my wife became pregnant, a lot of things flashed through my mind, but a main question was, “What kind of future are we...
Guns society children papa page

Pop Gun Papa Page

In the wake of recent school shootings we as a society have been forced to re-examine our stances on gun control. As mothers and...
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15 Things I believe in!

When I was 19, and a young US Coast Guardsman, I married the widow of a fisherman I had found drowned. Six weeks after...
surfing Maui dad

The Dadderday Files

Before we had children, our good friends Sue and Raphael described to me about their practice of having “Dadderdays.” Dadderday, they explained, can be...
activities Maui dad

The Dadderday Files, Part II

CONTINUED…Activities dads can do with their kids on Maui. 4. Park and Play: Kids love going to the park, and Maui scores big here too....
Maintenance lawn mower tips

How to Maintain Your Mowing Unit!

GAS CANS AND FUELS This is one of the biggest REASONS why small engines run poor or do not run at all -Bad maintenance of...
Maui mama shadow father to be

Ramblings of a Future Father

Here I am sitting at Red Sands with my baby mama. Her stomach plump with baby. I’m thinking about the future life with child,...
Daddy self care

Daddy Self Care

Ever pay attention to pre-flight instructions? When oxygen masks come down you put your mask on before you help others. Makes sense on an...
vasectomy Mauimama

Rip the Snip

“Vasectomy”. There, I’ve said it. Get used to it. The V-word is the new tube tie and I am here to tell you why. No man...
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