Sol Smith breastfeeding father

The Breastfeeding Father

We’ve got it easy. Pigeon and dove fathers produce crop milk; a substance with more fat and protein than human or cow milk. The...
Maui Dad apparel

How ‘Maui Dad’ Was Born

Together my wife and I operate Maui Dad, a local, family-run, small business located on Maui, Hawaii. I met my lifelong best friend and...
Maui Mankind Project

The ManKind Project on Maui

March 14 - 15 - 16, 2014 / New Warrior Training Adventure at Camp Keanae
Brenton Keith Maui magic tricks

We’re All Magicians

The truth is, we’re all Magicians. So why not show the kids what you can do at the next Holiday gathering and be the...
healing fatherhood Mauimama

Witnessing the Healing of Fatherhood

I was not island born, however, my husband was. Growing up on Maui is different from where I grew up. I have learned this...
Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day from Dad

A widowed father recounts Mother’s day.
paper airplane best

Arguably The Best Paper Airplane in the World

Arguably The Best Paper Airplane in the World~ My brother Max Valenzuela taught me this airplane design. I am now a hero in my two...
thank you I am grateful

I Am Grateful

As the memory and excitement of the holiday season begins to fade, I’m reminded of some of the key concepts highlighted by Thanksgiving, Christmas...
Christina DeHoff Winter Solstice Goddess

Hazy Shade of Winter (solstice)

Top ten list of things to do this 12.21.12
trick o treat Maui dad

Make Fright Night the Right Night

Halloween for dads - Halloween is coming. You’re a father now. The days of running around throwing toilet paper in the trees of your...
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