Potty boot camp Maui

“Something Terrible Happened to My Child”

When a Maui mama messaged me that her 17 month old child had recently attended a training camp for toilet readiness here on Maui,...
Obenauf Law Group Hawaii Law

When The Unthinkable Happens

I know this topic is a little morbid, but the Mauimama is all about real-deal advice for everyday mamas, so I want to pass...
Obenauf Law Group Hawaii Law

The Infamous Sandwich Story and What it Means to You

What happened to an Oahu mama when she forgot to pay for a sandwich and the police and CPS got involved.
Obenauf Law Group Hawaii Law

How to Protect Your Keiki with Special Needs

We probably all know mamas whose keiki have special needs. These mothers are superhuman warriors that often have had to advocate for their child...
Obenauf Law Group Hawaii Law

Ding Dong the Defense of Marriage Act is Dead

On June 26, 2013, the United States Supreme Court declared the federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. The Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”) was a...
Obenauf Law Group Hawaii Law

The Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare

On March 23, 2010, the President signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This law requires U.S. citizens to have health...
Obenauf Law Group Hawaii Law

Six Simple Steps in Case Something Bad Happens to You

Are you lying awake at night worrying because you just had a baby and don’t know what will happen if something tragic happened to...
Obenauf Law Group Hawaii Law

Estate Planning – The Digital Afterlife

With everything going online these days (even The Mauimama), last month we taught a class on “digital assets” for the kupuna at Kaunoa Senior...
Legalshield help support

LegalShield – An Affordable Option for Legal Services

There’s always that first time you can’t be there. When there’s a bully on the playground and your child comes home with that look...
work harassment legal

Discrimination & Sexual Harassment: Know the Process

Before a new employee begins work, they normally go through an on-boarding process with the intent to cover general laws and provide guidance for...
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