walking benefits

The Benefits of Walking

Walking is seriously one of the easiest exercises we can do. It doesn’t require any equipment or special gear. All it requires is a...
Om Maui Studio

Om Maui Studio ~ Be a Fit & Healthy Mama

Part of being a mom not only involves taking the time to take care for your children, but also taking the time to take...
dance class Maui

Dance Classes on Maui ~ Be Brilliant. Be Bright. Be YOU!

Brilliant: The bright and radiant loving light that exists in all of us. Dance: A series of steps, usually done to music, that provides a...
Benefits of Barre Fusion

Benefits of Barre Fusion

Maui resident and owner of INFUSION Barre & Yoga Trish Bianco developed Barre Fusion™ a 55 minute fusion of ballet barre conditioning, Pilates, and...
baby wearing exercises

Baby Wearing Exercises

Leggings? Check. IPod? Check. Hair up? Yup! What’s the next thing Mommy can wear for her workout?  How about baby?! Baby wearing has countless advantages. Beyond the obvious...
free 30 day fitness challenge

FREE 30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 day fitness challenges can be fun, motivating and achieve great results. Starting slowly on the first day with the least amount of repetitions...
baby & me yoga

Baby & Me Yoga

Having a new baby is a wonderful experience that causes many shifts in our lives and bodies. These changes to our daily routines can...
quit smoking

If Quitting Smoking is Your New Year’s Resolution ~ READ this!

I smoked cigarettes for 18 years before I got pregnant. I almost collapse under the very weight of that sentence. I knew the moment...
Maui Surfer Girl

Become a Maui Surfer Girl!

What better experience can you give your teenage daughter, than a week exploring Maui with other girls, learning how to surf, and becoming a...
Stroller Fit Maui

Stroller Fit Maui Classes

Stroller Fit Maui meets on the Hope Chapel Kihei campus on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:30am. Monday's are Stroller Bootcamp where we use a...
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